Resolutions? Nah…

For this semester and the new year, I refuse to set resolutions. I just set myself up for it if I do. However, I will set out general goals. Here they are:

Encourage my personal domesticity: Do more projects in the home that make me happy: canning, sewing, cooking, baking, etc. More on this in a minute.

Get my daughter reading: She’s already quick as a whip in math, but she’s had a difficulty with connecting letters and words. But I’m trying out a new phonics program, more basic (kind of like how Saxon math is) (, and we’ll see how it goes.

Do kid crafts: Really, this is a Field of Dreams situation here. If I stock it, she will craft. Ed has a really cool ability to look at something and figure out a) what she wants to turn it into and b) what she needs to do it. And she comes up with the best things! She was coloring a picture about a shaduf (ancient irrigation) and drew flying beavers from New York City.  It was too funny. She’s taking an art class this semester, so she should have fun with that.

Manage my fibromyalgia, back & exercise levels: kind of obvious, but my disabilities are severely impacting our family. I’m going to a physical therapist now, but I have trouble remembering to do the exercises. I’m just lucky when I remember to do homeschooling.

Get more done towards my degree: again, obvious. If I can find a way to go full-time, then I will be done when Handsome is. Oh, and he’s going for a Master’s degree so he can teach at the University level. ~sigh~ At least 2 more years tacked on. But, we’ll manage.

Well, I wanted to post about a book I was able to read while the kids were gone, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Have a good Sunday!


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