There’s something about you…

There’s just something about starting a blog.  You set up your shiny, new wordpress account, set up your theme, and post.  You’re ambitious; thrilled with yourself for joining the worldwide blogging community.

Then, 2 pm the next afternoon, reality hits you across the head like a pinata bat.

What have you done?  Are you stupid?  Who are you to write a blog?  That’s the domain of people that are actually funny, witty, generally fun to be with.  How will you even manage to update regularly?

As these thoughts swim through your head and you swim through cheerios and Saxon math, you resolve to do the only sensible thing:  ignore it and hope it goes away.

A few days later, you realize:  that didn’t work.

So, the next logical step is to post, hope no one noticed the gap of 3-4 days, and squelch any lingering (clamoring) doubts.  Maybe they’ll go away if you ignore them.

I will have a sensible and sane post tomorrow about a very lovely book I read recently.

Tremble with anticipation.


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  1. Ooh, you started a blog! How exciting! I am sure it will be an enjoyable read!

    1. Thanks! I hope it will be a good read. I’m secretly a thwarted novelist. 😉

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