“It’s an Idea Emergency!”

Okay, I’m going to be shameless for a second. I adore a certain kid’s show and enjoy it just as much as Laura & Max.

Well, Okay. I like more than one kid’s show. Handsome & I love everything superhero, so we’ve seen just about every DC and Marvel animated series out there. The new Superhero Squad on Cartoon network is great for its chibi campyness. And on the other end of the spectrum, I think Charlie & Lola is genius.

And then there’s Disney’s Phineas & Ferb. But that deserves its own post for sheer awesomeness.

~crickets chirp…~

FINE.  I like kid shows in general.  Um…don’t tell anyone, ‘kay?

Anyways, I’m getting distracted. My current confessional concerns Disney’s Imagination Movers.
What?!? You haven’t heard of them? They’re pretty cool. They’re a children’s music group from New Orleans that kids AND parents (or non-parents. we won’t tell) can enjoy. Their songs have the sounds of contemporary music with kid-friendly themes. Actually the music reminds me of stuff I listened to as a teenager. It’s as good as the kid music coming out of They Might Be Giants these days.
Furthermore, these guys aren’t dorky. Or rather, they’re dorky enough to be cool and fun. And, get this: their inspirations include Captain Kangaroo and The Police. And one of the character has a journal modeled after the one in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. Cool, huh?
So, I admit it. I try to let my kids watch Imagination Movers when I can because I love it. I think that even if I was single I’d watch it (I did sit in my dorm common area watching Redwall, after all).  And I think you can even watch episodes on the Disney website. Take a look. There’s a new season coming out. You’ll enjoy it.
I want their CDs now…


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