Since my back was out for the 4th consecutive day, we ditched schoolwork and watched Food Network all day. I feel a little better having that on since I can pretend they’re learning something. And when I pretend I’m raising the next Cat Cora or Bobby Flay. Hey, one of them needs to make it in life so they can buy me that mansion! 😉

Although I couldn’t make a true food post (we ate dinner made by a certain decorated Kentuckian), I want to post about my ideas I”ll be trying in a few days.  Watching FN, a few recipes struck me. As the day progressed, they niggled at my brain and metamorphosed into a Brilliant Idea. I’m going to make a pizza pie with pesto on the bottom, followed by a layer of caramelized onions and peppers, and topped with sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Maybe I’ll top it with olive oil and various herbs and spices. Oh, I think I’m drooling…Am I drooling? (Name that recent movie)
Since I haven’t been able to do anything besides lay on my back and verbally chase after the kids (ever tried that? It doesn’t work), I’ve also been trying to come up with ideas for Betty Crocker’s Cookie Mix Recipe Contest. If I can figure something out before the end of the month, I could be on my way to fame and fortune! Then my kids can be bums all they want.


So I’m thinking of a cookie with an apple-crisp-inspired filling. Now, I make my crisp topping with lots of butter and extra nutmeg and cinnamon. Wouldn’t that be yummy? Or I could do a riff on snicker doodles with paprika in the mix…

So, that’s what’s been going through my mind as my poor herniated back has been trying to heal. I would apologize for not posting about something important. But, to me, food is important.

Any advice on my ideas?

Here’s the links to the contest page in case you’re interested:

Here’s my pesto inspiration:

Here’s the inspiration for the pizza pie:


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