Sometimes life IS a fairy tale.

I felt a little bit like Cinderella today.

Here I was, sitting in the ashes of my formerly clean home, getting rather depressed. Sitting in the cinders is certainly not good for the morale.
Then, out of nowhere, an army of fairy godmothers swooped down with their magic toilet brushes wands at the ready.
Certainly Cinderella couldn’t have felt any more gobsmacked. These wonderful ladies swept through my home like a whirlwind, leaving the apartment (almost) as clean as the day we moved in.

What joy! What rhapsody! I tell you, a glass slipper ain’t nothing to a clean house.

I love when lines of authority work. I told ONE person (my visiting teacher) about my back predicament and she did my dishes and told ONE more person (my relief society president) who called a BUNCH of people and brought them over, pails in hand. Everything thing went as compassionate service should. And I wound up with a pristine house.

Pardon me if I keep repeating the whole clean part.  I’m still in shock.

And, we get dinner, to boot. Euge! (Quick, name that foreign language)

So, in the words of Margaret Wise Brown, “Goodnight moon, goodnight (uberclean) room.”

*Names in parentheses are the church callings each individual has.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! What a blessing! That’s just fabulous.

  2. UnLawyered says:

    Wow! Great community you have there!

    1. It’s really our Church community. It is so organized and everyone willingly chips in. We are very blessed.

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