Haiti & a cookbook

I keep meaning to get at least one food post up a week.  But, y’know, that whole life thing kinda messes that up.  So, in lieu of a real post about real food that I actually cooked and ingested, I wanted to point towards a very worthy cause.

I keep Food In Jars in my feed reader in eager anticipation of her canning posts.  Besides discussing local eating and stuffing fruits and vegetables into mini-hot-tubs, Marissa made a post on the second of February about Blog Aid.

Apparently, as the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti became known, a bunch of bloggers (is that like a bunch of bananas?) got it into their heads to make a cookbook.  This cookbook would be filled with delectable recipes and would even raise money for Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.  Even better, they managed to get two companies and the Canadian government (through the 12th) to match the monies raised.  Can I say WOW?!!

Now, I personally have nothing to do with this cookbook.  I’m not even a blip on the screen for these bloggers, I’m sure.  However, I was so impressed by their efforts that I just had to let all my friends know.  And, it is technically about food.

You can buy the cookbook, hardcover or softcover for different prices, at Blurb.com.  Please, use this unique opportunity to donate to Haiti.  At the very least, you have a shiny, new cookbook to pore over.  Perhaps you could also take a minute to say a prayer for those in Haiti that have been hurt, in one way or another, by this disaster.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Great way to give back!!


  2. shaunta says:

    I love the innovation of people. Really, it’s so inspiring to me.

    1. I know, isn’t it so cool?

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