Cranberry Bread, haircuts, and a press

I know, I know, the listed items in the title have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  But I wanted to highlight what’s been happening in our life recently.

Cranberry Nut Bread

Several days ago, I dragged husband and kids to the grocery store.  As always, it was “just for a few things.”  And, as usual, I ended up with a few more things than I had planned for.  Being a very successful freezer pack-rat, this presented a problem:  I had to use my frozen cranberries and blueberries before I could fit another thing in there.  Seriously, not even a container of juice could be squeezed in.  (I have a sickness, it’s true.)

Having snatched victory from the jaws of my freezer, having managed to get everything I bought in it, I was left with two quickly defrosting bags on my counter.  I just knew that in 15 minutes there would be red and purple stains on that counter that not even a nuclear assault could get off.  Therefore, a plan was needed.  A Brilliant plan.

Eying my cookbook shelf, I pondered my options.  Cranberry jelly?  Nah, too November.  Blueberry Lemon Bread?  Eh, maybe.  I pulled down my Lion House Classics cookbook from my last birthday.  Now, while I have pored over the pages a number of times, I haven’t gotten around to making anything from it.  Not even the famed Lion House dinner rolls.  I know, shame on me. Well, what better way to break it in than with a dessert?

Spotting a likely candidate-Cranberry Nut Bread-I set to work.  Initially, I was worried that there wasn’t enough sugar and butter to offset the tartness of the cranberries, but I like to do every recipe by the book at least once to get a feel for it, so I plowed on.  After forgetting the eggs and adding too much baking soda to the first batch (so much for by the book), I turned out two good loaves and a pan of a blueberry version.  I must say, this bread was wonderful!  There was enough sweetness to keep you from puckering, but not enough to overpower the wonderful cranberry flavor.  It also got a nice kick and color from the addition of orange juice and peel.  The blueberry?  I should have listened to my gut and not added so much lemon juice and peel.  But that’s a project for another day.


We had haircuts the other day.  I use ‘we’ liberally here since everyone except myself got haircuts.  Laura got a bob at the middle of her neck, Max just got a tighter cut so he’s not so scruffy-looking, and Handsome felt much better without the ‘fro he had been growing.  I think Laura’s bob allows us to see her face and her gorgeous eyes.  Isn’t she pretty?

A Press

As my husband & I are both students, we are able to utilize campus resources for our kids and homeschool.  We have taken them to a number of gallery shows in the art building (Laura loves the 3D art) and there is a wonderful (and cheap) preschool program available.  Recently the library acquired the Grandin printing press, a replica of the press used to print the Book of Mormon in New York in 1830.  As exciting as that is, I wasn’t too sure how willing they’d be to let kids into the room with it, so we hadn’t gone to see it.  However, when they advertised an opportunity to print free Valentine’s Day cards, I couldn’t resist.  I had enough common sense to leave Max home with Handsome, and Laura & I drove to campus.  What fun!  There was a heart trail for Laura to follow all the way to the press room and we were treated very nicely by the library workers.  They even gave us ‘fashionable’ red bracelets that proclaimed “I love reading!”  That girl can con anything out of anyone!  We were able to ink the typeset ourselves and press two Valentine’s poems.  Laura had to work hard to turn the wheel.   I love when fun things can be counted as schoolwork!

Haircut photos, and from our outing:


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  1. kadusey says:

    That sounds like a good cookbook to have, I think I will add it to my wishlist.

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