I’m so crafty, it’s scary

I mentioned in my review of The Gentle Art of Domesticity that I had made a new blankie for Laura.  As I am not particularly skilled at sewing, this was a very satisfying accomplishment.  Inspired by a quilt with a pattern created out of small, thin strips of fabric sewn together, I cut strips of two fabrics that I got in the scrap bin at Walmart:  adorable Strawberry Shortcake cotton and purple flannel with white polka dots.  The backing fabric was a hot pink and white strip; it was also from the scrap bin.  I put batting inside since this was a transition blankie, meant for staying home and never going out unless mom is feeling particularly sympathetic.  I busted it out in about 3 nights while the kids were at my parent’s from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Have I mentioned that I’m nominating my parents for sainthood?

My other recent sewing project was for Valentine’s Day.  I made it this past Thursday night, watching mindless TV while cutting ALOT of hearts.  It was a heart-tastic headband!  My inspiration was the creative Katie from Katie Did.  Her original post and adorable headbands are here.  I did buy brand-new felt, but the headband providing structure and the underlying fabric and ribbon ties were all from scraps.  To say that Laura loved it is an understatement.  She also likes wearing it as a crown to be the Swan Princess, Odette.

Here are pictures of my happy (and slightly impatient with modeling when there’s School House Rock to watch) model.  I’m pretty darn proud of how they worked out!  Enjoy.


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  1. Mom says:

    Love the haircut too! She is definitely one of the 2 best looking granddaughters I have ever seen.

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