The fruits of my labors

You know, I try to be a good mother.  I try to make sure these kids get food, clothes, and education.

But, you know, I just can’t help conversations like this:

“Max, you’re a man”

“No, honey, he’s not a man, he’s a boy.”

“But boys are men!  What is Latin for man, again?”

Vir, honey.”

“C’mon, vir!  Come and play!”

“But boy is puer, Laura.”

“Oh.  Puer, puer, puer!”

“And girl is puella.”

repeat of the word puella in every conceivable sentence for a few minutes.

“How do you say ‘Come here, little girl’?”

Veni puella or puella veni.”

This sentence gets repeated for several more minutes.  Until mommy gets Very tired of it.

I swear, they just haven’t learned anything.  Nothing at all!

~slow wink~

Veni, vidi, vici, indeed.

Valete omnes,


Edit:  And just for the record, we’re not formally teaching her Latin.  Yet.


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  1. UnLawyered says:

    Hey! I posted this reply on my blog, but then figured it’d simply be easier for you to find on your own, so here it is, copy and pasted for your reading enjoyment! By the way, I’m glad you dropped my blog all those weeks back, I appreciate the company!

    “Terribly sorry for the delayed response, I have my exam tomorrow! Looking forward to getting it out of the way. As to your question, it was a bit complicated. If you know HTML, it is much easier to accomplish. I dug around my dashboard a bit trying to find an easier way to do it without HTML and here’s how you can do it:

    Here’s how to do it without linking the image (if you want to link the image, it becomes much more complicated, but I can still walk you through it if you want).

    Create a random page. Then, on that page, INSERT AN IMAGE. When the window pops up, download an image from your computer (that will be your book image). Now, switch over the HTML code option on your toolbar. Copy the HTML code listed.

    Now, go to your appearances tab, access your widgets page, and click and drag your text box (this is where I put the book links into). Now, paste the image into the text box and TA DA! Should work.

    Continue this process for every book image. Use to apply spaces between your books. I usually use 2 between each image. Let me know if this helps!!”

  2. UnLawyered says:

    Congrats on getting the book images up! Great job.

    1. Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Again, good luck on your bar examination!

  3. UnLawyered says:

    BTW, the “v” in latin is pronounced as if it is a “w.” Each word derives its ending by the type of category (declintion) the word falls under. Most female words fall within the 1st category (ending with “ae”), male category is the 2nd category (ending with “i” or “us”). There are also two other categories.

    Been awhile since I took latin, but once you get the basics down (usually takes a few months) the language becomes easier to learn and understand.

    1. While it’s pronounced as a ‘w’, it is still spelled as a ‘v’.
      Really, I have no worries about being able to teach my kids Latin once they’re older. I’ve been taking it since 8th grade and it was my major in college before I got married. I’m also lucky: I get to tutor it now because we live near a college! Yay for making money with your passions!
      Yes, it is definitely a lovely language, and my second love. 😉

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