Fine Fashion for Tiny Tots

Ummm…you know that saying, ‘May your kids be just like you.’

Yes, mom, you can stop laughing. They’re JUST like me.

Exhibit A
Max models stylish floral-printed headwear, loaned from his sister. As you can see, it makes an excellent swimcap for the discriminating Olympian.

Exhibit B
Here, Max shows the versatility of the garment. It obviously can be worn as either surgeon’s mask or bandit mask.

Exhibit C
I think we embarrassed our model when we alluded to the unorthodox use of underpants for headwear. Hey, just keeping it real, Max!

But, in my defense, my brothers were right there alongside me with tighty-whities on their heads as we pretended to operate on defenseless sick stuffed animals.

To quote my husband: “It’s not my fault, I blame my upbringing.”


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