My Kingdom for a Garden!

In Idaho, winter seems to linger twice as long.  It must like our small mountains and windswept plains.  It certainly enjoys gnawing at the edges of our coats (and sanity) with dull, aching cold.  Each snowfall sits atop the last, creating layers of crystalline snow and crisp ice that refuse to completely melt until June.

Due to the longevity of winter here, you can understand that the beginning of March does not make me especially happy.  It only means that we have at least two months before I can legitimately think about planting a single seed.

However, when I see the days running longer, and we haven’t had a bad snowstorm for few weeks, my hands (or is it brain) get itchy.  I  want to play in the dirt.  I want to be able to watch brown dirt turn to an organic quilt of green, blue and white.  Beautiful spring colors!

So, because I’m itchy (wait, that didn’t come out right), I’m going to defy the laws of nature and plan my garden out anyway.  I will spit in the face of the wintry wind and hope a frozen gob of ice doesn’t smash back in my face. Just love the imagery, don’t you?  😉

So far, I only have a few plants I am definitely planting:  Laura wants broccoli, strawberries, and tomatoes.  I want bell peppers (if those stupid birds don’t peck off all the leaves again), and Johnny-jump-ups.  Maybe some other flowers will make their way into the garden as well.  We might also end up doing zucchini, and perhaps a melon of some sort.  Oooh, and squash.  Hard winter squash that I can keep in my pantry for a while!

~rubs hands together in a thoroughly villianous manner~

Yeeesss.  This will be excellent!

As for where, my friend has offered space in her backyard.  They just moved to a very cool house with a great big backyard;  it used to  be a preschool.  If that arrangement doesn’t work out because of my medical concerns and our hectic schedule, we can do the trusty pots on the landing method.  Laura especially likes being able to pop out the door, go up the short flight of stairs, and water the plants to her heart’s content.  Yes, we have had some overwatering.  But she’s learning so much, how can I stop her?

I know I shouldn’t ask this, as it will only make my yearning worse.  But call it morbid curiosity.  How many of you are already planning gardens?  Have you pored through catalogs or ordered on a whim from the internet  Or, are you like me and buy seed packets from your local Walmart?  Will your garden be big, little, or a collection of pots on your windowsill?  Do you plan and organize it all out, or are you the type to throw seeds willy-nilly and enjoy the surprises that come?  Please, share.  If you don’t, I might plant some seeds in the snow out of sheer desperation.


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  1. planejaner says:

    oh! I loved this post! you can see my garden journal on my blog…i have started seeds inside, and we plan to get digging next week (peas, spinach, bunching onions). We will do a much bigger garden this year…as we are learning to be more self-sustained…
    just over the mountains in the pacific northwest…hang in there!

    we bought our seeds at

    1. I’m glad that someone is able to see some green and get started already. I love your blog! I peeked over there and found myself nodding and laughing along with almost everything you’d written. I especially liked the post about your trusty cookbook. I love books that are well-loved. What’s the point of having a book if you’re going to keep it in pristine condition? Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to come by again.

  2. kadusey says:

    Not to make you horribly jealous, but I planted my garden yesterday (and probably should have done it a week or two ago). Of course, instead of a long cold winter, we have a long hot summer, which ultimately means a fairly short growing season as well (though I am going to try a winter garden this next year).

    Anyway, I planted two Early Girl tomato plants, one little yellow tomato plant, two basil plants, a yellow bell pepper plant, a zucchini plant, a cilantro plant, and seeds for watermelon, pumpkins, and arugula. I am quite hopeful about the seeds. Hopefully the birds and bugs won’t dig them out and eat them before they sprout and get a foothold.

    1. Ach! Evil temptress! Just the thought of garden tomatoes has my mouth watering.
      Yeah, I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to most climates. At least we don’t have too many bugs here. How do you do a winter garden? As you can see, for all my talk, I don’t really know too much about gardening. I mean, besides, open seed packet, insert seed in dirt, water & wait.
      I’m glad you’ve got a garden in, though! How are you and your family?

  3. abbi says:

    I am planning a garden but certianly no planting yet. We still have bunches of snow and probably will for a while. I did get my seed order off next week. I ordered them from Fedco seeds as they have very reasonable prices and are natural. We have a pretty big garden but in our zone 3 we can’t plant until after Memorial day. I will be started some things inside in a couple of weeks however.

    1. Y’know, I don’t actually know what zone we’re in. I suppose I should look that up. Do you have kids to share growing the seedlings with? Although, I’ll admit: I get just as much of a kick out of it as they do.

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