How to fix a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day

I avoided posting for a few days because things have been stressful here.  And then there was my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad morning yesterday.  It was bad.  Everything that could happen, happened.  I was very tempted to climb back in bed and trying that whole wake-up thing again.  And we’re all sick.  Blargh.

And I was feeling particularly antisocial for awhile there.

Sorry, I just get that way sometimes.  🙂

I’ve been savoring something that Laura said the other day.  Max was yelling and fussing in the car as we drove somewhere, and she was trying to comfort him.  That she did this instead of trying to drown him out with the sound of her own voice or complaining to me shows she is maturing.  Thanks heavens.

From the back seat I hear her pipe up in a sweet, compassionate voice, “Max, I love you.  And, look where we’re going!  Home!”

Now, we weren’t going home at the time, but her efforts were greatly appreciated.  And the hidden meaning in her words shone through to me, and brought tears to my eyes.

This life isn’t about the doctor appointments, school, jobs, or any of the other minutiae that can distract us.  Our life here on earth is about our relationships and our love, one for another.  What will matter in the end is how we’ve loved.

I believe that we are also ‘going home’, as Laura put it.  We are on a journey to get back home to our Heavenly Father.  This should be the focus of our lives, what drives us to do better.  And doing so will actually make our lives better.  No, money will not drop down from the sky.  You won’t magically get that promotion at work because you’ve centered your life on our Savior.

But you will feel joy.  True happiness.

Because, He loves you.  And you’re going home.

Please take this as it is meant, as my testimony.  I hope it helps you have a better day.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. UnLawyered says:

    Karma has a way of returning the favors that we bestow upon others. Whether it be kindness or malice.

    It seems everything around us is meant to distract us from the things that truly matter; that are truly important. Luckily our loved ones are there to remind us and keep us from straying too far from the path.

  2. I loved her quote. “home” really has a lovely sound to it.

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