The Holidays

Edit:  I intended to get a picture of my cupcakes up this morning.  My plans were foiled by four greedy little hands and two hungry little mouths.  If you ever intend to take a picture of something edible, please do not leave it on the kitchen table even if you think the gate will stop poachers.  It won’t.

Thank you.

The Cupcake Defense Council

You don’t usually associate mid-March with the holidays, do you?

But there are holidays to celebrate!  Lots!  First is Pi day.  That was this past Sunday (3/14).  Today was the Ides of March.


You don’t know what the Ides of March are?  Why, March 15th is the very day that a faction of the Roman Senate descended on Julius Caesar and stuck him full of holes.  You don’t celebrate that, too?  Weird.

So far I have kept with my plans for these events.  I made a pie yesterday, salvaging it from a recipe gone wrong (originally Lemon meringue) to create a passable treat (it became blackberry-lemon with whipped cream on top).  Today I made cupcakes.  White cream cheese frosting to match the tunic and toga Caesar would have been wearing, red for his bloody wounds.  I know, I’m kinda sick when it comes to this kind of stuff.  I will admit to figuring out in high school how to make pastry dormice with raspberry innards to replicate a Roman dish.  Who wouldn’t like stuffed dormice?  Am I right?

~crickets chirp~


No one understands me.

Even my mother backs away a few feet when I talk about this stuff…

I’m not kidding.

Upcoming holidays are St. Patrick’s day, April Fool’s day, my son’s birthday, and Easter.  Fortunately, our taxes are already in, so we can sleep well the night of April 14th.
How are you planning to celebrate the holidays?

Oh, and I blame my fixation on weird things on my upbringing.  My parents raised us on Star Wars, Patton, and even took us to a torture museum in Germany.  Blame them.  😉


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  1. Mom says:

    If I recall, you were one of the instigators in all of it. AND you thought the medieval torture museum was awesome! Maybe that was because of your 4 brothers…or your frustration with them at times!! Love you.

    1. Well, now, I didn’t say I wasn’t part of the decision to go in… 😉 Thanks for taking us; Rothenburg was very cool. Love you too!

  2. Nicole, you crack me up, girl!

    I did know about all those holidays though. I surely don’t possess nearly the geek status you claim (Star What??), but I did participate in throwing a Pie Day celebration once in high school, as a a Mu Alpha Theta (think honor society. For math. Weird, I know.) member. How’s that for nerdy?

    You’re writing is hilarious; I’m so glad you started a blog!

    1. Math Honor Society, the only club I was afraid of. 🙂 Hey, I think everyone’s a geek/nerd about something. It doesn’t always have to be the traditional Star Wars/Trek, D & D, etc. Like, besides that stuff, I am a nerd about food storage and canning. Your blog shows that you are a nerd (especially passionate) about child education theory. And I love to read your blog, and the insights you have.
      I find that writing allows me to be less reserved than I might normally be and I end up far more tongue in cheek here than in normal life. I mean, I’ll think it in real life, but I might not say it. Anyways, I’m glad you like my writing style!

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