And she carried a banner white, orange, and green

Well, we had a very fun St. Patrick’s day.

We painted rainbows, made shamrocks and pots of gold, and set a leprechaun trap with corn syrup on a plate beneath the pots of gold on our window.  Now, everyone knows that when leprechauns are caught they must give you gold.  Or, in our case, gold banana chip coins.  Laura & Max were delighted!

Laura had fun learning about St. Patrick and leprechauns.   So much, in fact, that she pretended to be a leprechaun the rest of the day, sneaking “gold”, and saying ‘luck of the Irish to ye!’ to everyone at Walmart.   Max was very uninterested in the story but liked pretending to be St. Patrick banishing the snakes with our broom.  “Go away, snakes!”  Good times.  We also watched some of Darby O’Gill and the Little People.  I’ll never get tired of that movie.

For dinner we had salmon.  I had made corned beef during the night, but it never made it past lunch.  ~sniff~  So sad.

Here’s some pictures of our green-day fun!

On a more bizarre note:  Wow.  Just saw a music video on Disney channel ( one of their made-to-order bands), but the music is eerily familiar.  Just like listening to Smashmouth again.

Ummm….my music is now retro and cool again?

One can only dream…


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