Easter, et al.

Would you hate me if I posted my Easter post now?  I got distracted by a number of things.  Plus, it can be stressful going through photos late at night.  I kinda shelved it and never got back to finish editing.  So here is my belated Easter (and other things from Easter weekend) summary.  But, hey, there’s photos now!


“Daddy, is the Easter Bunny invisible?”

Originally written April 6.  Yep, you had to wait almost a whole week to get it.  Again, sorry.

We stuck close to home this weekend, for a number of reasons.

My son had his birthday on Friday.

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a little boy hyped up on carrot cake?  Almost every picture was blurry.

The highlight was dragon pajamas from my parents and a transformer that makes noise from us.  Oh, and the bubble wand.  Seriously, are all boys genetically engineered to swing around swords and throw footballs?  (not that that’s bad, I grew up with 4 brothers)   We also got him a green lantern plane and figure.  SO cool.  I swear, my husband had more fun with the presents than Max.

Is that sad?

You know what?  Don’t answer that.

We also enjoyed General Conference.  Every six months our church meets, in Utah and over the tv, radio, and internet with our Prophet and Apostles.  It’s always wonderful to listen to their messages, warnings, and encouragement.  This conference was interesting because Easter weekend fell at the same time.  I was glad to have a laptop so I could watch while I cooked a more basic Easter dinner.  My back has been really really bad lately, so I just made glazed Ham, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, and roasted cauliflower.  And a chocolate mousse pie and a fruit salad.  No, it’s not really that impressive.  Everything was fairly easy and hands-off.  They also used stuff I already had around, a definite plus.

Finally, the Easter Bunny visited us Sunday night.  You see, he called and told me that he missed our house Friday night and he would be by Sunday night so the kids could find their Easter baskets Monday morning.  What a considerate bunny!  The kids were thrilled to discover their baskets this morning with jelly beans, dyed eggs, and pots.  What were the pots for?  To plant the seeds he put in mom & dad’s basket, of course!  They can’t wait.

Also, my husband and I got some awesome superhero pajama pants.  He calls them my hot pants.

I love geek love.  We’re just so cool.

Some pictures since I still haven’t figured how to place pictures individually:

End very late Easter post and please kindly ignore the yellowed photography since we have lighting that is baaaad for photography.


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