Not quite Tinkerbell.

Alright, I expect I’ve tortured the grand (and great-grand) parents enough.

We’ve been thinking of cutting Laura’s hair like this for a while.  I just made her promise to wait until after my brother’s wedding last November.  The little bob she was wearing previously was a compromise between her old length and shorter hair.  It also gave her the opportunity to decide if she really liked her hair short.

She did.

We were also attempting to grow her bangs out.  That didn’t work because her hair is so darned heavy!  No amount of barrettes and clips will keep that mass in one place, much less looking groomed.  Seriously, I have tried everything except glue, and Handsome’s sent her out the door with upward of ten clips on both sides of her head!

So.  Heavy hair.  Bangs that were growing uncontrollably into her eyes and face.  Frankly, it was annoying for all of us.  So I brought up her original idea for a haircut from last year.  She thought it over for a while, but was ultimately convinced by a movie, of all things.

Her favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki.  It’s a beautiful, sweet, and entirely imaginative look at the life of two Japanese sisters as they undergo several upheaveals.  As they deal with a move to the country, their mother’s sickness, and the subsequent worries and fears, they discover their new home and their neighbors, the Totoros.  These are benevolent (and furry) forest spirits that employ umbrellas, tops and a multi-legged cat-bus to get around.  I think it’s a complete delight for any age.

Anyways, one of the sister’s hair is cut rather short.  In fact, it’s so short that Laura thought she was a boy at first!  Even when she was wearing a skirt.  But she identifies with the character, and upon realizing that her haircut would be like Satsuki’s, nothing could deter Laura from looking just like her!  And believe me, I tried to give her every chance to back out, even in the chair at the Hair College.  She was determined.  Every person there was very confused at her references to Satsuki, but she was blissfully unaware in her new Satsuki-ness. And she got a lollipop.  Happiness is simple as a child.

Hehe, I’m pretty good at making a short story long, huh?  Okay, okay, before you start hunting me down with fire and pitchforks, here’s a picture of her new hair cut, and a gratuitous shot of Max being cute.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dad R says:

    But she looks absolutely beautiful with that pixie cut!!!

  2. Doesn’t she? And it’s already growing out long enough to need a trim! Man, this girl! 🙂

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