But all I wanted was world domination!

It was bad enough I had to battle bitter winds to get to the McKay library.  I clung to myself and kept my eyes on that set of doors.  They promised a warm and windless sanctuary; if I could ever get to them.  These gusts were strong enough to pick up a small child, not necessarily unusual here in Idaho.  However, there was a chill to the wind that made me wish I had brought a coat from the car instead of my little red hoodie.

Once I settled at a carrel and began working on an art project, I forgot all about the troublesome gale outside.  Only the exclamations from the tables near me dragged my attention from the recent Gulf oil spill.  What was everyone looking at outside?  ALOT of snow dumped from the sky to dance madly in the wind before beginning to carefully coat the ground.




So much for my vain dreams of planting my garden come Memorial Day.  Farewell, pretty little flowers that had begun springing forth everywhere.  I’m sorry, little packets of seeds.  The world is not quite ready for you. You can write in your little journals:

“May 22, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today I was thwarted once again from my dreams of world conquest.  I’m starting to think my cousin was right:  Florida is the place for nascent overlords.  Who in their right mind wants Idaho?


Ana’s aimless seed

Poor little dears.  I don’t know how to break it to them…


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  1. Mom says:

    Why are all my kids so set on World Domination? All I wanted was for them to get along and not maim one another! (Or could it have something to do with the DNA from 2 parents that attended a certain military academy?)

    Looking forward to helping you with your garden this year!



    1. ~grin~ It must be in the DNA, and might have to do with all those villains on Saturday morning cartoons bent on conquering the world.
      I’m getting the seeds this week, and we’ll be planting around Memorial day. Maybe. If the weather cooperates…

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