Can you dig it?

I know, a hopelessly horrible title.  But I’m excited!

“But, why?”  You ask?

Our garden will be “go!” next Saturday!  Whether the weather cooperates or not, I will have seeds in the ground.  There are plans to plant the corn in our community garden on the fifth, and Handsome and I will take the opportunity to plant our plot (19″x20″!!! Squeeee!) at the same time.

You know, many people garden, can, cloth diaper, etc., for very…ideological reasons.  I must admit, while I like a lot of the principles behind them, I tend to shy away from jumping wholeheartedly on bandwagons.  Ask my parents about the Harry Potter thing.  I was so turned off by the obsessiveness over those books that I strictly refused to read them until my first year of marriage and the franchise was almost done.  My roommates in college would try to break my resolve by reading them out loud, chortling as I stalked angrily out of the kitchen.  But, I had a similar response to anime, and look how that turned out!  😉  I do just fine once I decide to do it on my own.  I guess I just have issues with feeling forced to do something.

Or…maybe I just have issues.

Anyways, control-freak issues aside, the reason I do all of the above (I’m not talking about the anime or Harry Potter right now…the other stuff up there!)  is largely financial.  I have been described as crunchy by some, but I don’t think I deserve that title.  I don’t even know what it means, anyway.  That I make my own granola?  Soooo confused…

Yah, I feel like a bit of a fake, because I do cloth diapers because they save me cold, hard cash.  Sadly, I’m inordinately attached to my money.  Especially since we’re mostly living off of student loans and will have to pay back every red cent we spend.  Same with gardening and canning.  It all saves me money. Yes, I’m happy to have more natural, healthy food for my kids, but this stuff is a real commitment.  I need more of a reason than no-preservatives or save-the-earth.

Do you hate me now?

I am slightly ideological when it comes to homeschooling, so maybe we can still be friends.

P.S.  I also discovered another benefit to canning today:  it makes your kids appreciate you all year long.  Handsome made sandwiches for Laura & Max with the peach jam from last harvest.  Laura was raving about it afterwards, declaring to me that I was “the best homemade girl, ever!”  Yah.  I really do rock.  😉

(By the way, the alternate title to this post was “the love feels a lot like tomatoes…”  I can hear you thanking me.)


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