When I first started researching homeschooling, do you know what worried me the most?


Oh, believe me.  I read.  I’m probably the library’s favorite patron for all the fines I pay for the armloads of books I check out for the children and myself. Not only novels, but scholarly history books.  Sad, but true.

However, teaching my (then) only child to read was daunting.  And the resources online only made it more so!  I was somehow persuaded to think that teaching reading was tantamount to climbing Everest.

And so many methods to teach by!  If it doesn’t make your head spin, you’re a better parent than I.  I was rather surprised by the (mostly academic community) opinions on phonics.  Although I learned to read before kindergarten (Thanks, Mom!), I vividly remember being taught with the phonics system.  The teacher was quite proud of it, actually.  Or of the reading center mostly consisting of a table with script books, tape players, and headphones.  Anyone else remember the little “bing” to turn the page?  Good times…  Again, thanks, Mom for the teacher whose job was to sit and listen to me read to her.  My mom is just awesome like that.  🙂

But, apparently, phonics is out of vogue (please, please tell me that someone out there uses that phrase!).  Why bother learning the building blocks of words when you can learn the whole words, they say.  Weird!

I already mentioned my efforts with reading curriculum, so I won’t bore you with that tale again.  However, I have not shared our recent, very exciting success.  Here it is.  Are you ready?  You are?  Good!

Laura’s Reading!!!!!

If any content on the internet deserves that many exclamation points, this is certainly it.

Now, we certainly are not reading The Lord of the Rings yet (that’ll be next year).  But we’re reading small books with help.  And it was easy!  I’m still stunned.  All I had to dowas teach her the sounds the letters make and how they come together to make whole words, and she is doing the rest.  We have some very small, very easy early reader books that she can get through and I make her read lines here and there when I’m reading to her.  As Laura reads, she’s slowly learning all those weird rules for English.  I mean, really.  Can you find a more annoying language?  I blame the Germans.  We’d be just fine if this was a purely romantic language.  Like Latin.  😉

She tries to sound out signs in stores, and is even using the sounds of letters in an early attempt to write words.  Today she was trying to write the word police.  By sounding out, she proudly showed me her word:  PULS.  I’m pretty darn proud, if you can’t tell.  Although she got quite huffy when I showed her the correct spelling.

That’s about all I had to share.  We’re plugging along now with reading and getting ready for Memorial Day tomorrow.  Please take the time to visit your local memorials or cemeteries.  And leave a note here.  I would love to hear your memories and family stories of the men and women who have protected my wonderful country, whether or not they died in the line of duty or returned home to raise families.  Please, share.


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  1. Amanda says:

    You crack me up. I feel smarter just being here. And I am TRYING to teach my son to read and its HARD!!!



    1. Believe me, her learning anything is due to her, I’m just along for the ride. I’m sorry reading’s not going well! We tried to start learning around 3 1/2. It did not work. She was just too young to grasp the idea of blending sounds and the curriculum we were using was too much fun and not enough learning. (If that makes sense) When we did it again with this new curriculum, it was a good fit, but she was also ready.
      And, I probably got lucky with Laura. I just know Max will take longer just to drive me crazy. Also, I hear boys take longer to get that ‘Aha!’ moment. Good luck!

      Huh. I talk a lot, don’t I? Oh, and I’m so glad you didn’t turn your comments off! 😉

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