Happy Father’s Day & trivia

Happy Father’s day to my dad and Handsome!

And, now, some trivia to astonish and amaze.  Things you may not know about me, didn’t want to, were afraid to ask, or (if you’re weird) desperately wanted to know.  😉

I tried to start a blog before, got scared and ran away.  It was called Red and Popcorn.  Better than Restrained Chaos?

I just changed my personal info.  Take a look.

I went to high school with, and knew, one of the pink power rangers.  Did my awesomeness meter just go up or down?

I can wiggle my ears.  My daddy taught me.

I was Latin Club President junior and senior year in high school.  I know, shocking.

My brother-in-law used to swear up and down that I look like Jennifer Aniston.  When he told me this, I had to look her up on the internet.

I didn’t watch Friends.  Obviously.

I’ve sprained the same ankle twice.

I hit my friend over the head with a shovel before prom.  But we still double-dated.

I enjoy reading Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Ready to stop?  Good, ’cause I’m running out.

Here’s early or alternate pseudonyms for everyone:

Ana (myself):

Ovidia (yes, we got names in Latin class…)

Adorable woman in the superhero pants (’nuff said)

The non-blogging blogger (hehe, yah, that would be me)


Hottie.  Hotter.  Smokin’.  Yah, I know, all variations on a theme.  😉

Ed (an odd, weird, brilliant, adorable little girl from an anime.  you could never be sure if she would gnaw on your head, be helpful or just goofy.)

Red (obvious.)

Knives (another anime name overwhelmingly supported by a poll of my friends before she was born)


Shippo (made at the same time as Ed.  an adorable and mischievous little fox demon, also red-headed)

Momiji (yet another anime name.  an adorable, uber-sweet, silly little rabbit boy)

Popcorn (popping on the apricot tree!)

Current names:

Ana:  Latin for old lady.  An abbreviation of anacaeca, meaning blind old lady.  Despite that, I am neither blind, nor old.  I am, however, a lady. Unless you ask my brothers.

Handsome:  What?  He’s hot!

Laura: from the strong-willed Laura Ingalls Wilder, quite appropriate.

Max:  from Where the Wild Things Are.  Believe, me he lives up to every expectation that name might inspire.

New baby:  I dunno, gummy worm?  wiggles?  geek spawn?  henchman no. 3?  blue power ranger?  Any suggestions?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    For the baby: Crewman #5??? Wait, maybe that wouldn’t be so great!

    1. You’d have to get him a redshirt onesie…

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