Of wild bikinis…

(or “Green Lantern is my husband.” or “Can I be your Silver Surfer?”)

Got your attention with that title, huh?

The first alternate title was just given me by my daughter.  She announced that she got a teapot from Green Lantern, who “is my husband” and buys her food to give to her mother.  How should I feel about this?  Should I be enjoying her budding imagination that just happens to include superheroes?  Or have I just been compared to Red Riding Hood’s sickly grandmother who apparently can’t get to the store to get her own basket of goodies?  Hmm…

In another note, Laura is now entirely engrossed in a life-or-death struggle between Bumblebee and Barbie.  She died with a shot to the eye, came back to life and took his cannon arm so he wouldn’t shoot anyone else.  Now, they’re friends husband and wife and will fly off into the sunset to live together forever.  Ahhh…childhood.

But as amusing as this all is (and I am really enjoying listening to it), it is not what I meant to talk about.  I wanted to give DC comics props for the new Wonder Woman outfit.  It’s amazing, re-imagined, controversial even! 😉


See?  Instead of that increasingly abbreviated swimsuit she’s been sporting since the 1940s, almost every part of her body is nominally covered.  Laura has often expressed a desire to have Wonder Woman paraphernalia and dress up like her for Halloween, and I’ve felt bad for limiting what WW stuff we have in the home.  Sure, we like superheroes.  I think they teach lessons in terms of black and white, good and evil.  Such an approach is much more understandable to a child who doesn’t even understand that gray is not just a color.  But, we don’t care very much for the scanty outfits every female superhero and villainess seems to wear. (And they seem to get tighter and smaller every decade)

And yes, I know all the reasons for that.  I had brothers who drooled over those same outfits.  I understand that most comic book and superhero consumers are, well, male.  Good business sense dictates that you appeal to your audience.  And, conclusively, most of the artists are male.  Duh.  Regardless, I have a responsibility to make sure my daughter knows that modesty is more than pretty words and high ideals.

Before, I had to figure out how to make a Wonder Woman costume modest for a 5-year-old (pretty darn impossible).  Now Laura can have a WW poster on her wall, for all I care.  See:  Total Win.

Next issue, the adventures of the lactating suburban housewife who apparently divorces simply by breastfeeding.  Superpowers, indeed!

Oh, the second alternate title is from my husband.  I declared myself Devourer of Worlds, Destroyer of Childish Dreams who laughs as little children weep.  Handsome asked, “Then, can I be your Silver Surfer?”  Yah, geek love baby.  😉


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