Does that word have a hyphen in it?  I can’t remember.

You know, I’ve decided that the best way to make my daughter and myself happy is to make her work.  After all, what are kids if not free labor?  I can laze around like I am right now while my daughter cleans her room, washes pots and pans, and flits about washing my walls.  How did I live until this day?

Yes, she is currently Ms. Jekyll today.  How could you tell?  By the sweetness and light?  Yah.  She’s like the weather here in Idaho:  wait 5 minutes, it will change.

Haha, now she wants steel wool to clean the pots until they are soooo shiny.  I think that’ll cost less then the gallon of soap she’s used so far.

Well, enjoy your day.  I’m off to shower and then return to lounging in my pajamas and eating bonbons.  😉


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  1. April says:

    Sometimes people need a physical release and housework is very physical. Sometimes I like to clean when I am mad. I cashed in on that child labor thing last year…haven’t had to wash a dish since. Sometimes it’s good to be queen.

    1. I like to clean when I’m mad, also. Just the act of cleaning and organizing helps me focus enough to calm down and think rationally. And I just like organizing my pantry. It’s a sickness, really.
      I love child labor, especially when they’re at the age to volunteer! With the new baby coming, I’m really going to have to rely on Laura to do a whole lot more around here. Fortunately, she’s very eager to help the baby and myself in any way she can. It is good to be queen with such a sweet (sometimes) princess.

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