It seems like when you get one decision sorted, at least three more crop up.  I ended my two-year agonizing over schooling with the simple decision to take an associate’s.  However, any relief I felt was short-lived.  Next I had to figure out our curriculum for Laura’s Kindergarten year, how to fit a newborn into our wee little apartment, a major reorganization throughout, and what I want to be when I grow up.  More on the last one later. It’s long enough for at least two posts.

Now, I’ve (mostly) figured out our kindergarten.  It will bear a striking resemblance to our current schooling.  But with more regular school days.  Like…every day!  We’ll be reading, doing math, history when we feel like it, same for science, and occasional writing.  And looking into every book in the library that catches that little red-head’s attention.  And that will be a lot.  A Lot.

I’ve decided to homeschool year round with three weeks on, one week off.  Being ADD, this will allow me to plan without getting overwhelmed.  I also have more freedom to change our pace depending on Laura’s progress.  Of course, since I’m me, and homeschooling is not an exact science, this may all change.  But, it’s mostly figured out.  For now.  😉

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but we are a semester away from getting a three-bedroom apartment in our complex.  So, in preparation, we are trying to pack up what we can and are planning to keep the baby in a playpen until after the move.  It’s only 4 months!  I’m soooo excited!

So, we’ve been reorganizing and taking a good, hard look at our belongings and what we truly need.  I have been undergoing a bit of a transformation in this and other areas of my life.  I blame The Lazy Organizer.  Her posts from the past year have made me think.  The changes she has made in her life and home are drastic (and I’m not quite that extreme yet), but the proof is in the proverbial pudding.  Her family seems to have truly been blessed by her decisions.  I’ve been reading and rereading her thoughtful posts about parenting, chores, belongings, and the training of children.  I suspect she has been strongly influenced by Charlotte Mason’s philosophies.  I’m currently delving into those myself.  I have begun to implement some suggestions and am already seeing results.  It is really, really cool.

I promise to write more about this later.  I want to share what we’re doing that are producing changes so quickly.  And any change from where we have been in dealing with our house and children is dramatic.

I have always known what I wanted for myself, my home, and my children.  But, for   the past few years, in the face of reality, any theories I had quickly disappeared in the quagmire I was struggling through.  Now I have found principles that might just be what I was looking for.

We may just turn out better human beings and children of God from all this.

I certainly hope so.


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