Pint-sized posts…

They come in pints?!?  I’m getting one.”

(must be said in a delicious accent by Billy Boyd)

Did you ever not post for days (or weeks) because you felt that you had absolutely nothing witty, earth-shaking, or otherwise profound to say?
Oh, no? I’m the only one so neurotic and perfectionist about everything I write? I’m the only one who will write something and then look back at it 15 times the next day wondering if I sounded wonderfully intelligent or like a complete idiot?
Hmmm…this explains so much about life…

I have been trying to get the gumption up to write about a variety of parenting and education articles I’ve seen around lately. But, in an effort to clear my mind and move on, I will just give you the links and let you form your own opinions.
Because I can’t give you opinions for everything, now can I?

Does it bother anyone else that Arne Duncan is essentially strong-arming/bribing most of the states into implementing yet another set of requirements and battery of tests?  I remember the Standards of Learning from Virginia as miserable, useless things that restricted what the schools were able to teach.  But, since this is an international set of standards, I’m sure it’s completely different.


I love that we are now getting the data to study the effects of not spanking children on later behavior and success.  I look forward to a number of studies like this popping up over the next 10 to 20 years. Make sure to read the conclusion of the article.  Food for thought, at the very least.

Anyone else had to read Brave New World in high school?  Putting aside the occasionally questionable content, this article reminds me of that first scene where the test-tube baby-making is described.  All I can say is Creepy!

First of all, the photography for this piece is weird and creepy.

Make sure to read through to the end of the article.  It’s much more optimistic than it sounds and it’s not actually arguing that parenting makes us unhappy.  But there’s some interesting data throughout that can make you think.

Are we so busy running our child-rearing like a business that we have no time to be a family, a marriage, and truly happy?  This is why I think my kids should entertain themselves.  I’ve got enough to do with the house, my husband, their basic needs, and homeschooling without making sure their every waking minute is planned and amazing.  Let them be bored!  It’s so much better than ‘Let them eat cake’ and far less likely to lead to a bloody revolution involving sharp, giant razor blades.  Plus, they’ll learn life skills all on their own.

Okay, so there are a few opinions there.  But, in comparison to my usual long-winded posts, I’m sure this is quite refreshing.

Have fun reading and thinking!


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