The semblance of a normal life…

Maybe it’s just the third trimester.  Maybe it’s the two-day move followed by weeks of boxes in every room (that are still unpacked as of now). Maybe it’s this nagging sense that absolutely nothing is going right.

Because, honestly, that’s certainly how it feels.

So here’s some good to keep from complaining to you and to remind me that life could always be worse.  I know, optimism at its best, hmmm?  I’m just a ray of sunshine.

Laura looked up at an Aspen tree outside our new apartment and said, “I know it’s not, but I feel like that tree’s full of green butterflies.”  Anyone who’s seen an Aspen will certainly agree. I like it so much better than the ‘quaking’ idea.

Later that day she runs outside around the (small) complex and declares that this place is “imaginable!”  Anyone else reminded of Anne of Green Gables’ scope for imagination?

We had soooo much help with a very fast move that I’m still reeling.  Whenever doom and destruction threatened, a way was opened.  We were very blessed.  I still have to make ‘Thank You’s.  I was thinking some canned Cinnamon Peach Jam.  The best recipe in the world is on TastyKitchen from bertscannery.  I am fairly certain a requirement at the pearly gates is having tasted this jam.  Get crackin’ people! 😉

We have a good amount of pictures up on the wall for just being moved in.

Max is becoming increasingly becoming fastidious about being in a dirty diaper any longer than he has to.  I blame it on the cloth diapers.  They don’t wick everything away so he actually knows that he dislikes being dirty.  Even now, when he’s in disposables (3T-4T extra overnight protection pullups) because he’s a giant monster child, he has issues with being dirty.  He will even go so far as to hold #2 until he’s in a clean diaper.  But that might just be a symptom of drivemyparentscrazy-itis.

Yes, the above is a good thing.  Every bit closer to potty-training is good.  …so I tell myself…

We’ve been fairly consistent with homeschooling even in the midst of a very busy schedule.  Downside:  Laura’s struggling to deal with a consistent schedule and having things that have to be done.  She’s thrown a fit two days in a row about her reading practice.  It doesn’t help that she’s giving up naps at the same time.  Perhaps I need to change what we’re reading.

My kitchen is not really organized but everything is shoved into the cabinet and I now have a working stove/oven.  I’ve even canned twice since we moved.  And I’ll be canning some more pear-sauce (oh, that bit of heaven deserves it’s own post) tonight.

And, perhaps today, some things that have been shadowing our life for a while will be resolved.  At least to some extent, anyways.  ~crosses fingers~


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