I’ve been a little busy with something for a while now.  Maybe you remember?

In keeping with the holiday season, I made a turkey.

It’s really cute.

And, yes, I made a real turkey, too.  But it’s in my tummy for good.  You don’t want pictures, I assume. 🙂

Please welcome our own little tiny Tim.  More on his general perfectness later.


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  1. Grandmother of Tiny Tim says:

    He’s adorable!! So sweet and peaceful. Just what we need for this Christmas season!

  2. kadusey says:

    Hello, my lovely friend! I hope you have an enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day today. I miss you, and miss hearing how you and your family are doing. Lots of love, and I hope you survive the cold until spring thaws arrive.

    1. Thank you, my dear! We had a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day! Our house was visited by Leprechauns! They got into things, ate up our food, and generally just made a big mess. They even left a little note! The kids were very excited and can’t wait until next year. In fact, Laura is extremely focused on holidays this year. The most recent one is barely over before she’s gearing up for the next one. I blame her grandmother… 😉
      It’s slooowly getting warmer. How is the weather where you are? Probably warm and sunny? I’ll be posting more soon, especially after we graduate this summer. I’ll finally have enough time to do due diligence to this blog and homeschooling. I might even do some writing on the side. Oh, the possibilities!

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