Vesuvius? No, it’s worse than that.

You remember Mount Vesuvius, of course.  That mountain in Italy that caused doom and destruction for two small resort towns.  The more famous Pompeii was suffocated in ash while the more interesting (to me) Herculaneum was buried in hot mud.  Obviously they took mud baths a trifle far.

Well, we have a crisis far more terrifying than death by volcano:  bladder terrorism.

Is it just us or do your kids try to blackmail you by claiming every five minutes-usually in the middle of a quite inspired talking to-that they simply have to go to the bathroom.  Only to repeat the gag in three minute’s time.  At this point we’re reduced to playing the odds of whether we think she actually has to go to the bathroom or is just using her rather formidable skill of distraction.  She’s like a ninja, leading with cries of “Potty!” and disappearing into the resultant smoke.  You look around and wonder where she is and-more importantly-what on earth you were just talking to her about.  It’s bad (read:  really, really annoying) when your kids know how to work your ADD.

Now, part of me is impressed with her ingenuity.  The other just wants to strangle her.  Or install an outhouse.

That might do it.


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  1. You crack me up. So glad my kids aren’t the only ones, too! My solution is that I’ll take her once every two hours, no more.

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