“Cheerios don’t go in your hair!” or “It’s in the storage unit.”


Okay, I just thought I’d put this out there for anyone actually caring whether this blog dies with a whimper, a bang, or a good, solid ‘splat’.


I’m alive.

I’m now in Virginia.

I’m living in my in-law’s house and learning how to be humble and not annoying.  Tougher than typing it, that’s for sure.

I’m now exactly 31 weeks pregnant.


Oh, didn’t I tell you?  We had a surprise decide to join our family.  A little girl will be joining us January 1-ish.  The children are all very excited, none more so than Laura.  The girl who wanted her own room quickly decided that it was “no fun being alone!”  So she’s looking forward to sharing a room with her sister when we have our own place.  Given the way that Max is fawning over his youngest girl cousin and how Timmy is fascinated with any baby he sees in pictures or real life, I think the boys will do well, too.

As for our sanity, we’re doing alright for a whirlwind move cross-country followed by a, so far, disappointing job search.  Did you know that it’s kinda hard to find a job right now?  Yah.  Really.  We found that out recently and I feel the need to share my hard-earned wisdom with you:  finding a job stinks.  I’m just glad that my job is secure and well-defined as a stay-at-home mom.  But I feel really guilty because it’s not really fair to my husband, is it?

As for the storage unit reference up in the title:  it seems that the answer to every question about the location of an item is “it’s in the storage unit.”  This week we might get back to it and finally pull out all the stuff we’ll need for a slightly longer stay at the in-laws than I was hoping for.  We’ll need baby clothes, toys, big kid clothes, cold weather coats, craft and homeschooling supplies, etc.


But as for tonight, it’s Halloween.  Laura will be a sparkly fairy princess, Max will be Iron Man, sans mask, and Timmy will be a scarecrow.  We’ll be going to my brother-in-law’s neighborhood to trick or treat for real!!!  I’m very excited because the past 8 or so years have been a succession of trunk-or-treats with our church.  There wasn’t much in the way of going door-to-door in our little town.  But this year my kids will get to experience what it’s like to earn your candy the hard way.  It’s good for them; it’ll toughen them up.   So I have to repair some holes in the Iron Man suit (it’s for dress-up) and then we carve pumpkins, then we head out for some good old-fashioned trick-or-treating.  And, you know, as long as you can go trick-or-treating, life’s still pretty good, right?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Have a wonderful Halloween! Please be sure to send your poor mother some pictures of the rascals.

    I know what it is like to have whatever you need in a storage unit. We did it for over 1 year, if you recall. Anyway, don’t give up, and it will get better!

  2. natejess1999 says:

    *hugs* I can SO relate! Last year was the exact same for us. Hubby newly graduated and unemployed, living with family, everything in storage (in Rexburg with us in Utah) and unexpectedly pregnant! I so wanted to be out of my in-laws house before the baby arrived, alas it was not to be so. But it has all turned out good, despite the hardships. We’ll keep your family in our prayers for a smooth pregnancy and fruitful job search. If you ever need a sympathetic shoulder to just unload on, I’m here!

    Hope you had a fun and candy filled Halloween!

  3. Monika Rodgers says:

    I read you blog!

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