Support your Local Library.

Yes, that is underwear on his head…
I realized that I support a very worthwhile charity.  I pay library fines dutifully every month.  Aren’t I community-conscious?  Next time you crack open a book in one of the Central Rappahanock Libraries and inhale that musty ink-perfume, think of me…and that old picture of Max above. I just wanted an excuse to put that up.

Anyways, I want to write this stuff up before I forget, and then I’m off to bed.

Today was a pretty good day.  Laura completed her required independent work for the day, although she failed to practice her violin.  And we worked through a tantrum to learn borrowing.  The trick?  Ignoring the fact that she was pitching a fit and narrating to her while I did sample problems.  She’s too smart and curious to stay mad when there’s something to be learned, so she perked up and learned quite quickly how to borrow with multiple-digit subtraction.

And on that good note, let me brag about my kiddos a little more.

While I’ve read about the compliments homeschooled kids get, how polite and conversational they are, I didn’t ever expect to get any.  Certainly not before they were 16.  However, I suppose we’re doing something right because we got several today. One was specifically about Laura. We visited the Optometrist today (more on that in a week) and I had to depend on Laura to watch the ‘Littles’ in the waiting room. (Poor Tim & Jo get lumped under that title, saves time.) Laura wandered around the small space, chatting up the receptionists and our fellow customers.  One lady, a teacher, could not compliment her enough when I poked my head out from the exam room.  She described her as ‘so very smart’ and noted that she carried on a conversation ‘like an adult’.
As I was signing papers, “Are they this quiet at home?” asked the receptionist. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. No, this is one of those rare days where the stars align, the earth’s rotating backwards, and you turn your head and squint. Voila! Quiet, perfect children! At least for a couple of hours. Then we entered the dreaded Walmart.  Oh, well, I need moments like this, no matter how brief, to remind me of how good my kids really are and how much I really do like them.

Other news:  new shoes for all thanks to the aforementioned gigantic store of doom, and a yummy dinner.  Life’s pretty good right now.  Oh, and mom:  Yes, I’m still alive.  I’ll try to plug in my phone and call you tomorrow.  Love you!


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