Oh, dear. It’s a Frozen post.


Wow, Frozen sure has stirred up a lot of emotions. I’ve heard rabid ravings from those who love it and those who think it’s the most horrible movie since Shrek. Actually, I think this has gotten more resistance than Shrek which is full of crude innuendos and bathroom humor.

I must admit to being mostly ambivalent to Frozen. I didn’t really get worked up pre-release and the music doesn’t make me run around the house singing at the top of my lungs and throwing blankets dramatically over my shoulders (unlike some people I know). Certainly part of it is that it barely resembles the original fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. I find the other one much more compelling and would have loved to see an adaptation of that with the same level of musical and artistic abilities. We only own a copy because my husband wanted to see it. I know, insert giggling here. Husbands can be silly sometimes, but since the same husband lets me buy books, I can’t complain. 🙂

When I finally watched it, I loved little parts of it. Like little Hans and Sven. They’re soooo adorable! And Olaf is not crude like many humorous characters are these days. He’s just genuinely funny, and absolutely cute to boot. The music from the very beginning with the icecutters is stirring, but then I’ve always loved male choirs. I loved that a kid movie mentioned fractals (Let It Go). I mean, seriously, fractals! The animation was superb and Anna was handsdown the least elegant Disney princess ever. Even more so than Merida. And she was awkward. And swung a mandolin and flaming bedrolls at wolves. Pretty fun!



Most of the complaints I have are so minute that they seem ridiculous to say. And they have little to do with the stated objections of almost everyone else on the internet. But since I know the internet is dying for one more Frozen post:

Here’s my list of why Frozen really sucks, so you should never, ever watch it again and blame yourself for poor parenting….

Okay, not really. But that’s what everyone else’s Frozen post says so I thought I’d throw it in there.

Here’s my complaints for real:

Low bodices. There has been a trend lately of lowering necklines in animated movies for several years. Rapunzel was the most recent example, and now we have Anna and Elsa (post-tantrum) to add. Anna’s ballgown is rather unapologetic in showing off her shoulders and back while barely staying up on her chest. By the way, I still cannot figure out how strapless tops stay up! I mean, you’d have to glue them on. Ouch! And that leads to Elsa’s ice-castle dress. Which again magically defies gravity and is very slinky. Is it terrible? Are there heaving bosoms? No. But it’s a trend that is going in that direction.

Speaking of Elsa post-tantrum: I find this whole scene distasteful (except for the fractals part). “Let It Go” could be placed in any 90s teenager movie and fit right in. It’s the same old story of “nobody loves me as I am,” and “I don’t want to be the good girl, I just want to be free!!!” Just so you know, both statements must be made while swishing your hair back and forth while speaking melodramatically. I was a moody, depressed, supposedly repressed teenager.Now, as a supposedly responsible adult, I am sooooo done with all of that drama. I really don’t want my girls thinking that the only way they can be ‘free’ is to stop being a ‘good girl’. But who cares as long as you get an ice palace, a trashy makeover, and get to live all alone! Whee!

There is a questionable moment in the troll song with a reference to Kristoff’s unsanctioned activities with reindeer which left me wondering, “Why on earth did they have to put that in there? It’s a kid’s movie, for crying out loud!”

Finally, the story is weak, with poor connections and too much haste to get through all of the various plot lines. It’s not horrible, just not what I’ve come to expect, especially after Rapunzel. Also, the songs are mostly predictable. Except Olaf’s. That’s just golden. Have I mentioned I love Olaf?!

My concerns are all little ones. But these little things keep creeping into kid movies, little by little. And getting bigger and bigger. While I won’t be banning Frozen from the house, I’m uneasy with it. And I am keeping a very close eye on Disney movies, hoping that there won’t be a point that we have to stop watching them. We already had to do that with the Barbie Princess movies, but that’s another post.

My advice: be aware, be prayerful, and go with your gut. Enjoy your movie-watching!


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  1. Lisa says:

    I thought you would like Anna swinging the mandolin! Makes me think of another little girl from long ago!

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